In Wake of Charlottesville, Anonymous Proves They’re The Real Fascists

Analysis by Kyle A. Lohmeier

Out of the absurdity that was the weekend’s Nazi rally and counter-protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, one group of real, true fascists has emerged: the international criminal cabal known as Anonymous. During that rally, a counter-demonstrator named Heather Heyer was killed after being struck by a car. Nazi website The Daily Stormer ran terrible article about Heyer’s death early yesterday. In response to the Daily Stormer exercising their right to be awful, the criminal gang Anonymous hacked into their servers and website yesterday, locked out the rightful owners and put up a self-fellating little all-caps rant with the hilariously naive headline “End of hate.”

Anonymous are the real fascists here. Naturally, many Leftists loudly applauded Anonymous’ crimes, exposing themselves as true fascists as well. Anonymous, being feckless and mostly stupid, may well one day decide that these same liberals are part of some collective group they need mess with. But, Leftists don’t care about anyone other than themselves, so, of course they remained seated when Anonymous came for the Nazis, because they don’t think they are Nazis…

It matters not one whit how terrible and awful and evil The Daily Stormer was and how shitty the humans who wrote for it are – all humans have a right to be shit. All humans own their own bodies, the labor it produces, the compensation for that labor and all the property they can purchase with it. The Daily Stormer’s website belongs to the people who paid for its hosting and provided its content, not a group of internet fascist pussies.

There is no good rationalization for the existence of government. We are stuck with them, however, and the closest thing to a legitimate function they have today would be to hunt down and terminate Anonymous with extreme prejudice. How screwed up our world is can be encapsulated in the fact that, back in May, a fascist federal judge sentenced Ross Ulbricht to life in prison for being the founder of The Silk Road website whereas the last bunch of serious arrests of Anonymous scumbags was back in 2011. The Silk Road helped people anonymously buy things their illegitimate governments outlawed. Anonymous attacks and destroys people’s personal property. That the government puts a priority on protecting its cronies over its citizens is all one needs to know about how useless and self-serving the state is.

It is frightening and disgusting to see Leftists so vociferously applauding what’s been done to The Daily Stormer. That any American could so turn their back on the right to free speech and embrace violence and oppression is frankly sad. That the ones doing it think that in so doing, they’re virtue signaling to the rest of us, is even more pathetically sad. Anyone not actively and loudly condemning Anonymous and their unjust actions is them self far more of a fascist than anyone at The Daily Stormer.

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