Girl Gets 15 Months for Thoughtcrime

Analysis by Kyle A. Lohmeier

A court in Massachusetts just sentenced a girl to prison for 15 months after falsely convicting her of involuntary manslaughter back in June. She is to be imprisoned for committing no crime, harming no one directly and is now officially guilty of homicide. In reality, of course, the only thing Michelle Carter is guilty of is being a really shitty human being, which, it turns out, isn’t illegal. Good thing too, if it were, this penal colony we call the USA would quickly become a prison planet.

In case you missed it, Carter was the awful blonde little shit who texted her “boyfriend” repeatedly urging him to kill himself. Turns out, when a woman nags a guy long enough, he’ll eventually get around to whatever it is he’s being nagged about. As such, Conrad Roy killed himself June 12 of 2014 by inhaling carbon monoxide produced from a water pump in his truck.

How any prosecutor thought there was a crime here is itself rather amazing; there is no violation of the Non-Aggression Principle here, at least not until she was actually arrested, then the cops violated the NAP (as the often do). That the state took the charge all the way up to manslaughter is absurd. If anything, she’s “guilty” of vandalizing government property as now Roy won’t be able to work and generate revenue for the state – the solemn duty of all us serfs. But, this is Massachusetts, where freedom is frowned up on, so the genuinely-shitty-humans prosecuting this case were disappointed.

“The sentence was far lighter than what prosecutors hoped for. During Thursday’s hearing, they asked Moniz to sentence Carter to seven to 12 years in prison. Carter’s defense requested that she receive no jail time and five years supervised probation under various conditions, including mental health counseling,” reads a portion of BuzzFeed’s story.

Seven to 12 years? For using her freedom of speech and expression to be shitty? Have none of these imbeciles heard of the First Amendment? Or, even just common goddamn sense? These prosecutors ought all be fired for wasting some of the vast amounts tax money Massachusetts steals from its serfs.

“Legal experts believe her conviction stands a good chance of being overturned on appeal.

Daniel Medwed, a professor of law and criminal justice at Northeastern University School of Law, told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday that there’s a ‘fairly good chance’ the conviction could be reversed on appeal ‘based on causation,’ in that Carter didn’t directly cause Roy’s death — he caused his own death. ‘It was his decision, which broke the connection between her behavior and the result,’ Medwed said,” BuzzFeed reported, thus reassuring their audience that there is at least one lucid, intelligent person left alive in America.

It is simply unconscionable that any charges were every brought against this awful little girl. It is even more absurd that she was ever convicted of manslaughter and sentenced at all – her official sentence was two-and-a-half years, but she won’t be incarcerated until all her appeals run out, and the judge expects she’ll serve roughly 15 months if the horseshit conviction isn’t overturned on appeal.

The simple fact of the matter is that Michelle Carter did not kill Conrad Roy, Conrad Roy killed Conrad Roy.

Let’s play out a hypothetical, for the sake of coming to the only correct conclusion on this matter, and say that Carter didn’t urge Roy to kill himself directly. Instead, she just dumped him and started dating some other dude – the resulting heartbreak then drove Roy to kill himself. Would anyone think to charge Carter in such an instance? Of course not. Would her actions be considered criminal in any way? No. Would her actions have, in fact, played some role in Roy’s decision to kill himself? Of course. But, would Carter really be responsible for Roy’s death? Nope; in the end, Conrad Roy is solely responsible for his own death.

This, however, is just another symptom of the metastasis of Leftist cancerous thinking destroying what’s left of America’s minds. Feels trump facts now. Fantasy takes precedence over reality. Everyone feels bad about Conrad Roy and damn it, some one has to pay. So, the state fantasized a scenario where someone else was guilty in a person’s suicide and, sadly, a lot of Americans seem to agree with the court and the prosecutors.

I would have some advice for those people, but I’m trying to avoid an involuntary manslaughter charge myself here.



  1. surely there are 2 sides to this coin….her right to exercise the second amendment…but the other side of the coin seems to correlate to being the mastermind to a crime….such as one who masterminds other people to commit a crime….it is not uncommon to prosecute those on top of the heap so to speak who gave the word or who gave the idea to do….

    but also everyone has forgotten the ultimate paralleled example….found in the bible where the serpent convinced eve to eat of the forbidden fruit…which caused a chain reaction of death…destruction and mayhem to all the inhabitants of planet earth……it was the serpent who did the same exact thing that this girl did….she convinced someone else to do a terrible thing…..

    so how did god react in this example…??….god punished both the one who chose to do wrong(eve)..and he punished the serpent for convincing eve to do wrong… taking away his arms and legs and his image (head, torso, arms and legs)…rendering the serpent to that of the lowest form…to that of the worm….that is like stripping away all the medals away from a 4 star general to someone even below buck private which is….. a civilian……the serpent is the missing the hierarchy of living things…..he is..or was rather the most intelligent being in the animal kingdom……not the ape….

    still though…what this girl did was no different from planning a murder of another person and having another person do her bidding for her……this girl did the same thing that the serpent did….which is wrong and is worthy of punishment….

    now as to the level of punishment…?..well that is surely up for discussion and controversy…

  2. Are you kidding me? She preyed on an obviously weak individual in order to get attention. She pushed and pushed telling him that nobody would even care. She is the most vile of people because instead of trying to find help for him, she literally told him to finish the job. She knew where his dead body was and didn’t even have the courtesy to tell his family. She is a cowardly attention seeking parasite. Just as guilty as a heroin dealer or an abusive spouse.

  3. Why? Why do you have to use this one isolated conviction to cause partisan alarmism? Is it really that farfetched of a ruling? Is this really that widespread of a “leftist” crisis? I get the feeling that this is the most thought you’ve ever put into the issue of mental illness.

    Can you just read some literature on depression and suicide? Can you do that? Seriously, I want to know. I don’t really care about the left or the right but telling a suicidal person to kill themselves is evil. To a depressed person, a significant other is a person with a very high level of influence. Could you imagine other high-influence individuals such as therapists verbally encouraging depressed, bipolar, schizophrenic, or otherwise mentally ill people to do the EXACT destructive behaviors that they are chemically and mentally prone to doing? That’s like a doctor ordering an athlete to play on a broken leg, causing the athlete to lose use of his leg for the rest of his life. The doctor would be culpable.

    Why are you so concerned about defending this sociopath when there is an actual mental health crisis occurring in our nation right now? I feel sorry for the girl, she’s obviously mentally ill and I don’t know that ruining her life is necessarily the best course of action. But this has nothing to do with “feels” over “facts,” manslaughter is a valid interpretation of this girl’s behavior. Are we such degraded life forms that we are only responsible for what we do with our fists?

    Fix your priorities, mate. Partisan spitballing is a low level distraction and your attempt to tie it into every single issue reveals a lot about your mind.

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