Trump Speech Angers Left, Should Infuriate Everyone

Analysis by Kyle A. Lohmeier

Well, the Embarrassment-in-Chief said some really dumb stuff recently, again; this time about how law enforcement ought to be rougher with the victims they’re kidnapping for ransom (they get to call it “arrest and lodge, pending bail”). This past Friday, Trump was giving a speech to a bunch of cops at an event in Long Island. There, he promised to crack down on the newest phantom menace, the MS-13 drug gang.

In that speech, he bragged about loosening requirements and allowing cops to further arm up and get their hands on surplus military equipment.

But that’s my honor. And I tell you what — it’s being put to good use,” the idiot-in-chief said, referring to cops getting so much gear they have no business possessing that Trump insists the government has none left to distribute.

He then went on to bloviate about the need to secure the border with Mexico before returning to MS-13 and talking about all the drugs and violence they’ve brought across the borders. For this non-menace, he has a plan. He relies upon a very spurious appeal-to-emotion fallacy as he talks about the 17 “beautiful, young lives” that MS-13 members were suspected of taking in Long Island, which somehow has turned parks and neighborhoods into “bloodstained killing fields.” Never mind cops will kill more Americans than that this week, nearly all of them innocent, across the country and get away with it.

We cannot tolerate as a society the spilling of innocent, young, wonderful, vibrant people — sons and daughters, even husbands and wives. We cannot accept this violence one day more. Can’t do it, and we’re not going to do it. Because of you, we’re not going to be able to do it. You’re not going to allow it to happen, and we’re backing you up 100 percent. Remember that —100 percent,” Trump said, apparently abandoning reality altogether.

One by one, we’re liberating our American towns. Can you believe that I’m saying that? I’m talking about liberating our towns. This is like I’d see in a movie: They’re liberating the town, like in the old Wild West, right? We’re liberating our towns. I never thought I’d be standing up here talking about liberating the towns on Long Island where I grew up, but that’s what you’re doing,” Trump went on to say as he descended further into madness.

This madness, however is how he ostensibly rationalized the even-dumber shit he was about to say.

First, he urged Congress to authorize wasting tons of money hiring another 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers we don’t need at all. Then, he applauded and encouraged the modern American policeman’s penchant for utter brutality.

And when you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon — you just see them thrown in, rough —I said, please don’t be too nice. (Laughter.) Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over? Like, don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody — don’t hit their head. I said, you can take the hand away, okay? (Laughter and applause.),” Trump said, idiotically before somehow making the claim that the laws that always protect cops from any consequence of their murderous actions are stacked against the cops.

And I have to tell you, you know, the laws are so horrendously stacked against us, because for years and years they’ve been made to protect the criminal. Totally made to protect the criminal, not the officers. If you do something wrong, you’re in more jeopardy than they are. These laws are stacked against you. We’re changing those laws ,” Trump said, describing life on some other planet, apparently.

He then went on to prattle mindlessly about the wall that will never get built, despite his bragging that congress has agreed to waste $1.6B on “phase one” of it. Then, he congratulated the state’s surrogates of violence for being what they are and said good night.

The left, having the attention span and intellect of a common vole, naturally focused on the one paragraph out of a lengthy speech that encouraged cops to be even more violent with the people they’re assaulting with impunity. That this sort of institutional brutality is an inseparable part of having government is, of course, completely lost upon leftists who actually believe an all-powerful, all-encompassing state can and should be warm and cuddly – because they ostensibly have never heard of Stalin, Pol-Pot, Mao or any of history’s many other mass-murderers motivated by Marx and socialism.

Right-wingers, alt-righters, “bordertarians,” and other such morons found much to love in Trump’s speech. There was plenty of xenophobia, which plays well with that crowd, as well as tons of implied racism as Trump never went long discussing crime before veering back to immigration and his “great wall.” Further, much to the delight of the Right, he made no mention of actually solving the problem of criminals coming across the border, because that would require ending the war on drugs, and the Right loves to regulate everyone else’s body.

The fact of reality, sad as it is, is that not one soul upon this planet should have found anything good, noble or comforting in Trump’s speech, because there was nothing good about it. The left misses the point, of course, with their myopic focus on police brutality – as if cops can be some other way. The right finds itself applauding a vast increase in the size, cost and intrusiveness of government because it’s Trump proposing it and he’s only going to direct all that new violence against brown people anyway.

What Trump’s speech Friday really highlighted is the inherent evil that is the very existence of government. That we have an idiot leader talking about idiot shit like border walls and beating up “criminals” who are only so because of our idiot government’s idiot laws is itself pure evil – none of that shit should even exist. Trump, however, is part of the machine now and like every other politician he will work to do the same thing every other one has for generations – make government bigger and therefore make government worse.

As always, the only real solution to all of our problems – which are caused solely by government – is, of course, anarchy.

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  1. Good one Kyle. HOWEVER – you are wrong in the ‘left’ being voles OR focusing on ONE single paragraph. The entire thing was vile from beginning to end. And the left is all too aware of the violence SOME police visit upon the citizenry. WE are the ones who STOPPED Obama from distributing War Machinery to the police! That was NOT the GOKKK Party.

    Trump (and his evil minions) are now spinning the call for more police violence as a ‘joke’. He lies 90% of the time – the only time he speaks a truth is when he’s ‘joking’.

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