MSM Fails to Look in Mirror When Spreading ‘Blame’ for Scalise Shooting

Analysis by Kyle A. Lohmeier

Early yesterday morning a snowflake who’d been stirred up by anti-Trump hysteria – as evidenced by James T. Hodgkinson’s apparent Facebook page – decided posting memes insulting Trump and republicans wasn’t good enough. So, he brought his antique rifle to the baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, where GOP congressmen were practicing for a charity baseball game, and opened fire. He wounded GOP House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, in the hip as well as four others before being wounded by Capitol Police, who were on hand as part of Scalise’s security detail, and apprehended by Alexandria PD. He later died from his wounds in custody. All those wounded are expected to make a full recovery, including Rep. Scalise.

Of course, the Left, being the perennial ghouls they are, have already decided that the politically-motivated snowflake who failed in his attempt at mass murder, the way snowflakes fail at everything in life, is not to blame. Naturally, the culprit is the gun he used, which ABC News was quick to point out was a “legally purchased assault rifle” before describing it clumsily as an SKS 7.62.

The fact that words have meanings has long been immaterial to the Left and its mainstream media puppets. The term “assault rifle” describes a rifle that is capable of full-automatic fire, chambers a medium-size rifle cartridge and feeds from a detachable box magazine. The short-lived SKS-45, as the Soviets who initially fielded the rifle designated it, was only in production from 1948 to 1958 and was replaced by the AK-47 among Soviet front-line troops in the 50s. It was never capable of full-automatic fire and was designed to be fed from a fixed 10-round magazine, not the detachable mags many SKSs imported to the West were later retrofitted to use – and which almost never work reliably.

So, the snowflake didn’t use an assault rifle, but rather a regular old, pedestrian semi-auto sporting rifle that isn’t nearly as powerful as the common hunting rifles that make Lefties merely squeamish instead of inducing full-blown hoplophobic hysterics. And while not the prettiest, most accurate, most comfortable or best balanced rifle ever made – far from it on all counts really – in the 69-year history of the SKS rifle, not one of the millions that have been produced has ever up and assaulted someone of its own accord.

So, clearly this ugly duckling, historical side-note of a rifle needed a human in order to perform evil – as all objects do. When we look at the human who criminally misused this rifle yesterday, we can see why the Left would be even quicker to blame the gun than normal. A now-long-dead Russian fellow named Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov created the SKS. The Left and its mainstream media, by their own “logic,” all but created James T. Hodgkinson.

“A glance at the activity on the Facebook page, which has not been verified, reveals that Hodgkinson was adamantly anti-Republican and detested Trump. The Facebook page contains a steady steam of anti-Trump posts. He said Trump should go to prison for treason and called him the ‘biggest a**hole we have ever had in the Oval Office,’” Michael Walsh wrote for Yahoo News yesterday.

Where have I heard such simple-minded sentimentality expressed before? Oh, right, from every Leftist and liberal social media group and “news” outlet I peruse.

The typical Leftist has exactly no idea what a right actually is and is equally confused as to what responsibilities are. Rights, to the Leftist, aren’t inherent to humans by virtue of humans being humans, but are rather gifts from the almighty state to be rescinded as need be. As such, the state has trusted us peasants for far too long with the right to own the tools of self-defense, according to the Left, and now that right needs to be taken away; we’re just not responsible enough to handle it, they argue. Too many people misuse that right and hurt others, they say, and so now everyone must suffer and comply with the dictates they dream up.

This, again points to the Left’s inability to understand rights and responsibilities as well as their disdain for the individual and preference for the collective. This little snowflake acted individually and is solely responsible for his actions; yet the Left’s “answer” will be to try to collectively punish millions of Americans who didn’t shoot at congress yesterday. We see this same reflex every time a “hate crime” is committed against persons of color gets referred to as “The Trump Effect.” An individual dumbshit bigot isn’t responsible – in the cases that don’t turn out to be staged – but rather everyone of any mindset outside of Leftist Orthodoxy is to blame. Even if they didn’t spray paint the historically black church or the Jewish cemetery themselves, the existence of their demographic somehow enables and normalizes such behavior. Because Trump.

This poisonous and erroneous mindset gets pumped out over 50,000 unstoppable watts via the Leftist mainstream media where it can reach the entire nation and infect minds. Some of us are smart and rarely watch the MSM’s propaganda broadcasts and certainly don’t believe everything we’re told uncritically. Sadly, many of us, hell most of us, are dumb as hell and still find broadcast news anchors to be reliable sources of information. Worse yet are the diddlers of confirmation bias that pass themselves off as news, outfits like Salon and HuffPost, that produce nothing more than slick Leftist propaganda, often bereft of facts – I’m sure several sterling examples of this can be found on those sites as I type this right now, all relating to the “assault rifle” the snowflake used.

When someone already mentally unstable, like many Leftists, hears the steady drumbeat of MSM propaganda, can they be blamed for believing it all wholeheartedly and then acting out on it? Of course they – and only they – can, when real-world logic is applied.

If the mere existence of firearms is “responsible” for this snowflake’s actions, wouldn’t then the existence of the massive propaganda operation that motivated him be at least as “responsible” as the gun he used – if we apply Leftist “logic” here?

Yes, it would. So, where’s the outrage? There isn’t any because the mainstream media isn’t going to tell the peasantry to blame it for its role in creating Hodgkinson. They’re too busy blaming the gun and can hardly be expected to argue against their own existence.

Despite the MSM’s silence on its own “complicity” we see here the entirety of the Leftist reflex toward collective blame and punishment exposed for the imbecility it is. While yes, “logically,” the MSM bears more responsibility for yesterday’s attack than does the existence of firearms, there is, as always, only one person ultimately responsible for Hodgkinson’s actions and that is Hodgkinson himself.


It would be nice if the MSM would have an epiphany here and realize that misapplying collective “responsibility” for an individual’s actions as an argument for the restriction of human rights – or to unjustly demonize a politically unfavorable demographic like conservatives and gun owners –  has always been a dangerous game to play; even more so now in 2017 when many on the Left are now arguing against the right to free speech itself.

It would indeed be nice if the MSM quit being an insult to journalism, but that’s not going to happen.

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